Tony Hawk began skateboarding at age 9. By the age of 12, he was winning amateur contests. At 14, he turned professional, and by the time he turned 16 years of age he was widely regarded as the best competitive skateboarder in the world. When he was 25, he'd competed in 103 pro contests, winning 73 of them and placing second in 19-a record that will almost certainly never be matched. Tony retired from competition in 1999, though he continues to perform skate demos and exhibitions around the world.

Tony's commitment to the skateboard lifestyle and community, have never wavered. Tony has created many brands of products, toys, video games, apparel and, of course, skateboarding gear, all with one thing in common: authenticity.

Born in California, the Hawk brand is the leading, globally recognized "skate culture" lifestyle brand that combines style and performance; built for real life! The maxims/values for the brand are:

• Durability
• Connected
• Utility Inspired
• Quality
• Authentic
• Original
• Soul of Skate
• Innovative
• Built for Real Life

Our Tony Hawk Eyewear Collection adheres to these maxims and we proudly invite you to view the collection.

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